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Whereabouts Unknown Of Ohio State Graduate Arrested In Egypt

An Ohio State University graduate remains missing after his arrest in Egypt. The man was a well-known spokesperson for Muslim Brotherhood activists. Mohamed Soltan, 25, was a visible figure in Egypt, conducting numerous interviews with Western reporters on behalf of those calling for President Mohamed Morsi’s reinstatement. According to a friend, Soltan had been in Egypt since January, working for an oil services company. Kareem El-Hosseiny has known Soltan since middle school. El-Hosseiny said Soltan’s prominence made him a target. In a facebook post in the days leading up to his arrest, Soltan downplayed being shot in the arm during an interview with Al-Jazeera. "I really appreciate all of the love and concern. I'm fine and our household is doing much better than most households in Egypt who have lost a son/daughter/mother/father/uncle.. Etc. My injury is not worth talking abt amidst all of these massacres," Soltan wrote on August 19. El-Hosseiny said Soltan is charged with trying to create chaos and break apart the police among other charges. “For someone to come out and say that he’s out there promoting a violent uprising or anything like that is completely ridiculous just because of the fact that it would be detrimental to our own efforts to push for violence," El-Hosseiny said. El-Hosseiny, who participated in protests with Soltan, noted his friend is not part of the Muslim Brotherhood. “The reasons we went wasn’t because we supported Morsi and his policies. We supported Morsi because he was elected president, and that’s how democracies work. You elect a guy, you’re stuck with him until the next election cycle.â€? Solton’s friends and family have reached out to area U.S. Congressional members for help with his release.