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DeWine Defends Use of Facial Recognition Software

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is defending the state’s decision to use facial recognition software against state databases of drivers' license photos to help identify crime suspects. News of the program broke over the weekend after an investigation by the Cincinnati Enquirer. DeWine says the system went live in June and has been used by law enforcement officials more than 2,000 times since. "We can argue that we should have let people know when this went up," DeWine said at a morning press conference. "Frankly it went up because the tech people finally got it together. That's no reflection on them; this stuff takes awhile. But they finally got it together and it went up." DeWine says his office has formed a working group to see if any changes need to be made to the new database. That group is scheduled to report back in 60 days. Click here to hear more from DeWine, and a critic who calls DeWine not telling the public about the program "a dereliction of duty."