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Central Ohio Home Sales Up First 6 Months

Central Ohio home sales continue on an upward trend. The Columbus Realtors Association reports sales were 22 percent higher the first six month of this year compared to last year. And June sale prices were up more than 6 percent compared to last June. Columbus Realtors president Chris Pedon cautioned the market may soften if interest rates continue to increase. But Columbus real estate analyst Rob Vote said the area’s strong job market should thwart a softening. "Columbus has fared much better in terms of job creation which has created a greater demand for housing in general," Vogt said. And with sale prices rising there may be an opportunity for some homeowners to get out from underwater following the Great Recession. "There are some folks who ended up biting off more than they can chew than others," Vogt said. "It's certainly a household by household situation." Listen to the full interview with Vogt, Santer Insights' Rob Vogt by clicking the link at the top of the story.