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Watterson Lesbian Teacher Will Not Return To Classroom

Fired Watterson High School teacher Carla Hale has ended her fight with The Columbus Diocese. Hale and the diocese have reached a confidential settlement. From the beginning, the gay former Bishop Watterson physical education teacher said she just wanted to get back to teaching. And that may happen, but it will not be at Watterson High School. As part of an agreement reached during mediation earlier this month, Hale will drop her claims against the diocese and the church will acknowledge Hale’s 20 years of service to the school. Hale’s attorney Tom Tootle would neither confirm nor deny whether she received any money as part of the settlement. At one time, Hale considered filing a civil claim, but Tootle says that idea has been dismissed along with a grievance filed with the Columbus Community Relations Commission asserting sexual discrimination.

Tootle said “all issues with the Diocese and Bishop Watterson are considered resolved.â€?

Tootle said Hale plans to apply for various substitute teaching jobs in area school districts and looks forward to moving on and putting the issue behind her. The Columbus Diocese declined comment. Hale was fired in March after her partner was listed in Hale’s mother’s obituary Hale contends she was fired for being gay, but the Diocese said she was terminated for violating her contract by publicizing her “quasi-spousalâ€? relationship.