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6th Ohioan Dies In Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak

Another person has died in what is Ohio’s worst Legionnaires’ outbreak. The death toll now stands at six at the Legionnaires’ outbreak at Wesley Ridge Retirement Community in Reynoldsburg. The newest death is a previously confirmed case. But Franklin County Public Health spokeswoman Mitzi Kline released no other details other than the department was informed Monday. Legionnaires’ bacteria are found in natural water sources and can multiply in man-made water systems. In the Wesley Ridge case, it was found in the water cooling tower. The tower was closed July 19th, and Kline says health officials expect the number of new confirmed cases to plateau. “We are well past the two to ten days after that. So you know we would expect no new onset of symptoms, no new people getting sick. One they put those restrictions in place that exposure was no longer occurring.â€? So far, the Wesley Ridge outbreak has sickened 39 people. But Kline says everyone has been treated and released from the hospital. About 100 miles northwest of Columbus in Saint Mary’s, two other people contracted Legionnaire’s. One has died. Health officials are trying to determine the bacteria’s source.