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Reynoldsburg School District Cooking Up New School Lunch Program

While summer break can mean fun in the sun for kids, it can also mean tighter financial times for some families. Statehouse Correspondent Andy Chow visited a school program Friday that is thinking of new ways to provide free lunches to any child who needs a bite to eat. The Reynoldsburg City School District provides about 400 meals every weekday in the summer for any student who wants to grab lunch. The food can be especially important for students who usually get free or reduced lunches during the school year. The Children's Hunger Alliance supports these types of programs in all of Ohio's 88 counties. This year they wanted to expand their effort by using school buses to deliver meals. But they needed help. Ohio rules say kids cannot eat on school buses, so the alliance teamed up with Ohio's Common Sense Initiative: a state entity that tries to clear up over-regulation in Ohio's code. Mary Lou Langenhop, president and CEO of the alliance, says the rule was revised to fit their needs. "Now we're using a resource that already exists, money that's already been spent on a school bus to actually transport the meals to the kids," Langenhop said. Tricia Moore, with Reynoldsburg, says clearing up the school bus rules means the district did not have to seek any local or state subsidies.