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Prosecutor Prepares Cases Against Columbus Teens

Two teens arrested in Dayton during the week-end are being returned to Columbus to face murder charges. Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien says 18 year old Nathaniel Brunner and 17 year old Devonere Simmonds have murder warrants pending against them stemming from a fatal shooting at a Livingston Avenue convenience store last Wednesday. They were arrested in Dayton on Saturday. O'Brien says he'll seek adult charges against Simmonds. Columbus police say Brunner and Simmonds will also be questioned in three other shootings, including a shooting and carjacking at a Madison County truck stop on Saturday morning. O'Brien says Madison County authorities have asked him to prosecute their case. "We've agreed to handle that case as part of a package of cases involving an alleged course of criminal conduct that covered several offenses in several jurisdictions," says O'Brien. Columbus detectives traveled to Dayton to bring the suspects back to the city. Court appearances are possible as early as Tuesday. Independent of the criminal prosecutions, The Ohio Highway patrol is conducting an in-house investigation whether a trooper violated any patrol policies when he gave Brunner and Simmonds a courtesy ride to the truck stop early on Saturday. The pair had been walking along the interstate ramp at Route 42.