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Man In Custody After Three Bodies Found In East Cleveland

Northeast Ohio is back in the national spotlight again with another possible serial killing. Police found three bodies in an East Cleveland neighborhood over the weekend. Police uncovered a body wrapped in plastic bags in a garage in East Cleveland on Friday. Later that day, they arrested a 35-year-old man after a standoff in Cleveland. On Saturday, police returned to the same area in East Cleveland and found a body in a lot near the garage and another in an abandoned house. All of the victims were African-American women and wrapped in plastic, East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said. On Sunday, volunteers searched abandoned lots and homes that litter the run-down Cleveland suburb. East Cleveland Police Chief Ralph Spotts says there may be more than three victims. “We do believe that there may be at least one or two more people involved in this. When I say ‘involved,’ I mean there may be one or two more victims," Spotts said. By the end of the day, police hadn’t found any more bodies but were still investigating. East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton has said the man taken into custody in the case told police something that made officers believe he was influenced by serial killer Anthony Sowell. The mayor did not elaborate. Norton told volunteer search parties that police had removed a dangerous man from the street. “Every hour that person would have remained on the street is an hour-literally-you ladies, your lives would have been in danger," said Norton. The man being held in custody has been identified as Michael Madison, a registered sex offender. He has not been charged and continues to be questioned by police.