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More Legionnaires Cases Confirmed At Eastside Retirement Home

More cases of Legionnaires disease have been identified at an eastside retirement home in Franklin County, where two people have died. The Centers for Disease Control is investigating. The Ohio Department of Health reports that at least 22 people have been infected at the Wesley Ridge Retirement Community in Reynoldsburg. Spokeswoman Tessie Pollock says the investigation into the outbreak continues. “We’re probably going to see some increases in case numbers as we identify people that had already become ill. So the numbers aren’t necessarily new people that are becoming ill, but it’s us identifying other people tied to the outbreak," says Pollock. Pollock says the Centers for Disease Control has taken samples of the center’s water for legionella. That’s the bacteria that cause legionnaires disease. CEO of the Wesley Ridge Retirement Community, Margaret Carmany says the center is undergoing a thorough cleaning. “Our private contractor did two methods of eliminating this bacteria from our system if it is indeed in our system; one is a superheating of the water in our system and one was a chlorination of the water in our system," says Carmany. Carmany says residents are still drinking bottled water for now and taking showers at another location, but they can wash their hands and run a dishwasher at the retirement home. It could be several days before the CDC determines the source of the bacteria.