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OSU's Interim President Takes School Reins

Ohio State University will pay its interim president, Joseph Alutto, $625,000 annually until a permanent replacement is named. While the search for a new president begins, Alutto has turned his attention to academics, finances and school tradition. Former provost Joseph Alutto postponed a planned retirement to temporarily fill the school's top post. Alutto today says as OSU limited tuition hikes in recent years it needs now to identify other revenue streams, including from non-academic sources. "We need to think of better ways of using the resources and the assets we have as we've done with the parking situation. And there we're very fortunate to have, I think, a very creative financial group whose constantly examining the question of how do we extract resources from existing assets that allow us to retain and control the tuitions that are actually paid by existing students," says Alutto. Alutto suggests OSU can also create new professional masters programs that can draw new students. He says that can create more income but not by increasing tuition. Alutto says he will not be involved in the selection process for a permanent replacement to former president Gordon Gee. Alutto says his favorite OSU tradition is football and everything that surrounds it. He says the best way to quickly learn about OSU is to take a 20 minute walk from north campus. "And it starts over in the Fisher College and it looks across at the stadium. And you see what in many ways looks like a church. It's got stained glass windows and lots of people have prayed to God in that stadium at given points of time," says Alutto. Alutto says the campus walk should then continue to the Main Library, Orton Hall, the Ohio Union and the Wexner Center for the Arts.