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Traffic Camera Ban Heads To State Senate

A statewide ban on traffic cameras is a step closer to reality, after passing the Ohio House on a bipartisan vote Wednesday. The ban’s opponents said studies show cameras make intersections safer, but its supporters had their own studies showing they don’t. Opponents said local control was important to maintain, while supporters said cameras violate due process and are often abused. The ban’s co-sponsor Republican Ron Maag said there was a bottom line here. “Now let’s be candid about the purpose of these cameras. Their main goal is to generate revenue," Maag said. But his Republican colleague Ross McGregor said communities need more regulation, not an outright ban. “We’re blowing a hole in local government budgets," said McGregor. And Democrat Bob Hagan had this view on cameras raising revenue. “Well, why are they generating funds? My God, why would they generate funds? I mean, we didn’t cut the local government fund but 50 percent. The ban now moves on to the Senate.