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Abortion Proposal Draws Ire Of Ohio Doctors

Many Ohio doctors are denouncing a proposal to require them to tell women seeking an abortion that the procedure could make the fetus feel pain and that there’s a link between abortions and breast cancer. That connection is refuted by most medical professionals and the American Cancer Society. Chris Copeland is a OB/GYN who’s delivered more than eight thousand babies. He says the restrictions would push many doctors out of the field and drive up costs. "If these kind of changes get put into effect, you are going to see malpractice rates go up once again because there will be increased risks associated with that for somebody trying to practice medicine," Copeland said. Mike Gonadakis with the anti-abortion group Ohio Right To Life says he doubts the measure would hurt doctors or their pocketbooks. "It protects pro life taxpayer dollars and it insures women’s health. Any other claims is just rhetoric," said Gonadakis. The bill has the support of many Statehouse Republicans and is one of four current proposals aimed at curbing abortions.