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OSU Band Gets Sizable Budget Increase

The Ohio State University marching band, known as The Best Damn Band In The Land, will get a big bump in its budget, from $220,000 to $1 million a year. The College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Business and Finance now will contribute to the band's funds that one time only received money from the athletic department. Wednesday on All Sides with Ann Fisher, band director Jon Waters said the funding changes illustrate how the band represents the university overall. “The band certainly plays at athletic events and is tied to the athletic department, but certainly to the university community as a whole," he said. "So while it’s an ensemble in the school of music and while it’s tied in with the athletic department, it represents the band as a whole because the band represents the entire campus.â€? Waters said the extra funds will reduce the financial burden from students who paid for uniforms and other expenses. “It will also allow us to travel more games, to update equipment and to really be on the forefront of college bands financially.â€? The band is expected to play at four of five away games this year, instead of traveling to one away game.