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Local Hospitals Respond To Warning Of Medical Device Hacking

Local health officials are responding to a warning from the Food and Drug Administration about the potential hacking of medical devices. Chris Weaver has covered the issue for the Wall Street Journal. "What the FDA is saying, along with security experts acorss theboard, is that the rise of this problem, is really that device makers started plugging computers into virtually everything," Weaver says. Phyllis Teeter is chief information officer at the OSU Medical Center. She says administraotrs there have been wary of hacking of potential hacking for years. "We hire best-practice firms, we go to conferences, we do get help in how we continue to improve our ability to protect our institution, so it's really an on-going, frankly everyday process," Teater says. Teater says she’s more concerned about the hacking of devices like monitors and other equipment, not pacemakers or prosthetic devices.