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Ohio Senate OKs $61.7B Budget, Sends To More Talks

A state budget that revamps Gov. John Kasich's school funding proposal and restores small-business tax relief has cleared the Ohio Senate. The GOP-led chamber voted 23-10 Thursday on the $61.7 billion, two-year spending blueprint. Democratic senators fiercely objected to provisions of the measure, including the effective defunding of Planned Parenthood, during about eight hours of debate. Click here to hear more about that from Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles. The bill includes more money for K-12 education funding and strips out a 7 percent statewide income-tax reduction passed by the House in favor of small-business exemptions. Senate approval sends the bill into bipartisan compromise talks that must wrap up by a June 30 deadline. Kasich is working to resurrect his proposed oil-and-gas tax increase to fund income-tax reductions in a proposal that sends 25 percent of proceeds back to Appalachia.