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Attorney: Borges Paid State Tax Lien, Will Settle Federal Debt

A lawyer for an Ohio Republican leader says his client has paid off his state tax liens. Attorney Robert Onda says Matthew Borges has paid off the more than $24,300 that he owed in state taxes after adjustments. Borges is running to be the next chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. Click here to learn more about Borges' main opponent, Tea Party activist Tom Zawitowski. Elected officials who have endorsed Borges' bid have asked him to resolve and explain the tax liens he's accrued before the GOP State Central Committee votes for chairman on Friday. Onda said his client still owes at least $124,200 in federal taxes, which he said Borges plans to pay in full on Thursday. Onda said the amount of a 2006 lien is still in dispute.