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Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman Supports Fired Watterson Teacher

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman today voiced his support for fired Watterson High School teacher Carla Hale. The 57-year old physical education teacher says she was fired from the Catholic high school school because she is in a same sex relationship. The Catholic diocese of Columbus claims Hale violated moral law. Mayor Coleman disagrees. After tweeting his support for Hale today, Mayor Coleman told 89.7 NPR News, if the diocese terminated Hale for being gay, it should re-consider the decision. "I would hope that if it is the case, that the diocese would reverse its decision and rehire her, because that's just not the Columbus way." Mayor Coleman says the city prides itself on supporting the GLBT community. Columbus has an ordinance which protects employees from discrimination including sexual orientation. The Catholic diocese has declined to comment on Hale's dismissal.