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Former OSU Student Stabbed To Death, Boyfriend Faces Charges

A former Ohio State student was killed at her Indiana Avenue home early Monday morning. WOSU reports police were called to the duplex an hour before the murder. Columbus Police say there were no signs 39-year-old Leslie Manner was in immediate danger when they talked to her around 1:30 a.m. shortly after she called them for help. “What she described as her drunk boyfriend who was throwing trash all over the bedroom and on the floor," Sergeant Rich Weiner said. Weiner said it was clear to officers there was a dispute but there did not appear to be any violence. He said police did not think 26-year-old Jerry Delong was inebriated and found no cause to arrest him. “[Delong] actually stated to the officers that he would leave. The officers watched him leave," Weiner said. But 30 minutes later a neighbor dialed 911 about on-going shouting at the rental property. By 2:25 a.m. Manner was pronounced dead from stab wounds. And police say Delong was bleeding from self-inflicted stab wounds. Delong, who is expected to recover, faces murder charges. “I am shocked. I am completely shocked," Ohio State student Audra Agostini said. Agostini, who lives two houses north, described the couple as quiet. “Actually on that side of the house I don’t really a lot about them. They’re not out a lot. There’s not a lot of parties going on," she said. Kenneth McDonald lives across the street. “I don’t remember any trouble over there, no," McDonald said. Manner and Delong’s next-door neighbors did not want to talk to the press. The owner of the duplex, Emogene Baber, also declined comment. Sergeant Weiner said Monday morning was the only time police have been called to that address. Manner had not been enrolled at Ohio State since fall semester.