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Ohio State Keeps Open Its Investigation Of Online Threat

Ohio State University officials Wednesday used police K-9 units and outside law enforcement officers in their investigation of an online threat "We're thankful nothing happened on campus today." Says Ohio State University Vice President Jay Kasey. Kasey summed up the sentiment of students, faculty, staff and visitors after the university received a tip from the moderator of an online chat room about a possible shooting threat at an OSU cafeteria. Police Chief Paul Denton says the tip sparked an all-out response. He called in Columbus police, Ohio Highway Patrol troopers, Homeland Security, and the FBI. K-9 units helped comb 30 eateries on campus. Nothing was found. "Although we have moved past the window of concern we will continue to have additional resources and presence for as long as necessary." Says Denton Police used texts, e-mail, social and traditional media to notify the campus. But, classes and conferences continued through the day. "From my standpoint we had enough police presence and security presence to handle the facilities that we were award of that were identified." Says Denton. As police dogs searched the Ohio union during mid-day, restaurants and study areas remain filled with students. First year student Samantha Parsons expressed some skepticism of the online threat. "I don't think people think when they post stuff on the internet. So they just like mess around and do all this silly, harassment stuff, and then people take it really seriously. I mean they should take it seriously, but it is what it is." Says student Samantha Parsons And what it is, says OSU Vice President Jay Kasey is an open investigation. "The matter will not be considered complete or closed until we've identified the individual or individuals responsible for this incident." Says Kasey.