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Pending Spending Cuts Will Take Local Toll

Some local officials say pending federal spending cuts will quickly effect state and city budgets. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman identifies $2.3 million in neighborhood and human services that could be lost. The mayor's spokesman, Dan Williamson says the cuts could mean job losses. "Not directly of city workers. What is possible is some of our positions, we have some positions who work within our departments who are funded by federal funds. So there is some potential for layoffs for some federally funded workers." Says Williamson. Williamson says Coleman is among local officials who met with house republican leaders on Wednesday. In the U.S. senate, Republican Rob Portman says some of his constituents support less federal spending. "I will tell you, they believe, people I'm talking to that there is waste in Washington and there are ways for Washington to tighten their belt just like they've had to do in their families, in their businesses." Portman says. The automatic spending cuts, if they're allowed to take full effect, require the federal government to cut $85 billion in spending between now and September 30. View a list of local services that Coleman say will be impacted by sequestration.