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Fired Mt. Vernon Teacher Makes Case To Ohio Supreme Court

The former Mount Vernon high school science teacher fired for refusing to remove a Bible from his desk had his case go before the Ohio Supreme Court Wednesday. It was five years ago when the case of John Freshwater first made national headlines. Freshwater says he was being disciplined for refusing to remove his Bible from his desk. School attorney David Smith told justices today that the district made the decision to fire Freshwater a few months later. “Over the insubordination, when the principal directed Mr. Freshwater to remove objects and he didn’t," Smith said. Freshwater’s attorney Rita Dunaway says her client tried to complied with all legal orders. “A Bible on a desk hidden amongst teacher clutter does not a religious display make.â€? Freshwater was also accused of preaching religious beliefs to students on topics including evolution and homosexuality. His claims have been thrown out by two lower courts.