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School Funding Details Leave Some Confused

School Districts throughout Ohio are starting to see how Governor Kasich’s proposed education funding plan will affect their bottom lines. New district-by-district printouts show about 60 percent of Ohio’s school districts would see flat funding over the next two years under Governor Kasich’s newly-proposed education funding plan. His formula is based on property values, student population, and programs for specific students. For example, money would be allocated for gifted or disabled students in particular. This formula would help some districts, like Olentangy Schools in Delaware County. It would receive an unusually large increase: nearly 332 percent from 2013 to 2014 because it has 16,000 students – one of the largest populations in the state - and the current property valuation is $191,000. The floor for home valuation would be raised to $250,000. Click here to hear why some people are upset that a relatively-wealthy district like Olentangy is seeing such a large increase in state funding, while some poorer districts will see flat funding. Some city schools throughout Ohio would see no increase - as in the case of Cleveland - or modest increases. Cincinnati would see a nearly seven percent increase, while Columbus would get almost 14 percent more state funding. The percentages can be a little misleading in some cases because the state pays for a small percent of some district’s funding. For example, Plain Local Schools, which is slated for a 181 percent increase, would actually get less than $3 million. In the case of Olentangy Schools, the Kasich plan translates to more than fourteen and a half million dollars.