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Ohio EPA: Scioto River Water Quality Shows Marked Improvement

A new report from the Ohio EPA shows improved water quality in the Scioto River. The Agency sampled Scioto river water in Delaware, Union, Franklin and Pickaway counties. It found 90% of the river meets federal clean water standards for aqautic life for fish and insects. "We haven't quite worked ourselves out of job yet." Says Heather Lauer. But, Lauer of the EPA says there's been marked reversal in Scioto river water quality since the 1980's when just 11% of the river met Clean Water Act standards. Lauer credits Columbus and other jurisdictions for reducing sewer overflows and wastewater treatment. "Columbus is working to reduce the amount of untreated sewage that would go into the river. So I think that what you're going to see in the years to come is that the water quality will continue to improve." Says Lauer. Lauer says the Clean Water Act is designed to make all waterways fishable and swimmable. The latest samples also show O'Shaugnessy and Griggs reservoirs meet designated recreational standards.