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Ohio's Economy Gets International Attention

Ohio Governor John Kasich is scheduled to address the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Thursday. It's a rare opportunity to put Ohio in an international spotlight. While in Switzerland, Governor Kasich is expected to tout Ohio's improving economy during sessions on Thursday and Friday. But, University of Cincinnati economist Michael Jones says specifics on Kasich's addresses are sparse. "I don't know what Kasich's going to say. I haven't seen his speech or what he's actually going to talk about. There's no doubt that Ohio's unemployment rate has improved better than the national average." Says Jones. An improvement in Ohio's manufacturing sector is partly responsible for reduced unemployment. And Kasich is part of a panel on the future of advanced manufacturing. Economist Jones says while statewide economic policies can make a difference in how quickly a state recovers economically, he reminds that the Governor has been in office for just two years. "And so I think to make an evaluation on how his economic policies have affected Ohio. I think it's still too early to tell." Says Jones. Kasich spokesman, Rob Nichols, says the Governor will also use the European trip to market the state to other business and industry leaders. This story contains some content from The Associated Press