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Local Gun Rights Advocates Wary Of President's Goals

As President Obama unveiled his package of executive orders and legislative proposals to stem mass shootings and gun violence, showrooms and shooting ranges at Vance Outdoors in North Linden and at the Powder Room in Powell were crowded. The TV at the Powder Room Shooting Range in Powell was tuned to President Obama's speech, but the sound of gun fire made it hard to hear him. Gun owner Ron Merritt of Columbus kept one ear on the president as he waited his turn to practice his marksmanship. Merritt doubts whether the president's actions will reduce gun violence.

I was pretty disappointed; I felt that none of his proposals are actually going to deal with the issue of violence.

Central Ohio gun owners don't seem swayed by the recent mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Gun sales are up, and a half-dozen interviews with gun shop customers indicates a frustration with talk of banning assault weapons, and high capacity magazines. "I'm hoping that they do sit down and discuss it and someone does an analysis of why do people commit mass murder and find out what the root cause analysis is and not just immediately go after the object, the inanimate object that has no will of its own, the individual has the will, not the object," said Powder Room part owner Steve Yuszka. As Mitch and Debbie Abram finished a round of target shooting at the Powder Room, they said they worry more about keeping 2nd amendment rights in the wake of the president's actions. Mitch: "Well quite honestly, I think it's a violation of our constitutional rights." Debbie: "I keep going back to one man and that's Hitler. It's not the guns, it's the man. And if the government takes your rights away and your guns what else can they do? Reporter: "I have to ask though, Is that a real legitimate fear? Do you actually think that there's a possibility that this country would go that far?" Debbie Abram: "Yes, sir. I do." Reporter: "You do?" Debbie Abrams: "I do, I absolutely do. I mean I see so much now that actually shocks me." As for recent surveys that show a majority of Americans disagree with her, and support additional restrictions, Debbie Abram says she doesn't believe the polls. Some of the President's proposals require congressional approval. Click here to hear from a gun control advocate who is applauding the President's efforts to reduce gun violence.