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Columbus Education Commission Discusses Ways To Save Money

Members of the Columbus Education Commission met Friday to continue to look for ways to improve Columbus City Schools. WOSU reports a review of the school district’s non-academic business was ordered. In a unanimous roll call, Columbus Education Commission members voted to evaluate Columbus City Schools’ “business functions.â€? The review would include areas such as human resources, the central office, and transportation and food services. Commission co-chair Federal District Judge Algenon Marbley said the group is in search of ways the school district can save money and put the additional funds toward education. “We’re going to look to see what’s there, to see what practices we should retain, what practices, if any, can be improved upon," Marbley said. The commission members also discussed federal, state and local school policy. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, who created the commission, has suggested its members could propose changes to state law if it means improving the Columbus City Schools. Commission co-chair Kathy Ransier said one area that has potential for legislative change could be early childhood education. Ransier said there is very little funding dedicated to pre-school. “If they are not prepared for kindergarten, they more than likely are not going to be prepared for their, actually going through their educational careers," she said. The panel also discussed sharing services between Central Ohio school districts, such as transportation, which could save resources. That, too, would involve changes to state law.