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Both U.S. Senators From Ohio Land On Finance Committee

Both of Ohio’s U.S. senators are now on the oldest and arguably most powerful committee in the Senate – finance. That could bode well for Ohio. Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Rob Portman are among the 20 senators who will be taking the closest look at everything from taxes to trade agreements, Medicare, Social Security and the overall economic well-being at the United States. University of Kansas political scientist Burdett Loomis edited a book called “The U.S. Senate: from Deliberation to Dysfunction.â€? Despite the title, he says the Senate has been a more bipartisan and functional place than the House in recent weeks, and having Portman and Brown on the key committee is a bonus. “I do think that you’ve got two very different senators but both senators are smart, and I think can work to the advantage of Ohioans across the board. And in that sense, I think you’re very lucky," Loomis says. Loomis says much of the advantage may be behind the scenes, but expects key interests of the Buckeye state – such as the auto industry – will get attention from the powerful Senate Finance Committee.