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OSU Police Complete Investigation Into September Truck-Bike Crash

After nearly four months, Ohio State University police have released results of an investigation into a collision between a dump truck and a student bicyclist at the entrance to a campus construction site. The accident helped spur a safety campaign. The September 5th accident at the entrance to a construction site on Woodruff Avenue severely injured 18-year old student James Hughes. OSU police officer Jim Compston says witness interviews and physical evidence indicate the student was riding his bicycle on the Woodruff Avenue sidewalk in violation of city code. He says Hughes was in a hurry and inattentive. Officer Compston says the truck driver, 71 year old Isaac Hinton, "did all he could reaasonably do as he entered the construction site in a safe manner." Hinton told officers he never saw the bicyclist until after the crash. No charges were filed. Hughes was among a handful of students involved in separate campus area traffic accidents during the early weeks of fall semester. The accidents prompted the university to devise a bike and pedestrian safety campaign. Columbus police issued tickets to hundreds of jaywalkers on High Street for a couple of weeks after the accident. Correction: An earlier version of this story wrongly indicated Hughes was walking his bicycle at the time of the accident.