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Law Officers Dismantle Columbus Fake ID Ring

State and federal law enforcement dismantled a suspected fake I-D ring in West Columbus. Three suspects face criminal charges and possible deportation. Ohio Highway Patrol lieutenant, Chuck Jones says the patrol and federal immigration agents executed a search warrant on a residence on Norton road after surveiling the address for about a month. Jones says in addition to cash, cell phones, digital cameras and social security cards, authorities seized some state and federal holograms. Holograms are often used on official I-D's to verify they're authentic. "You know there are people out there that can make those, make those, and then they can look real close to what the original holograms are. So, I don't think it's a case where they were able to get on the inside and be able to get those legitimately." Says Jones. Jones says troopers and agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement will now sort through seized evidence for further leads. The suspects in the case were not identified. The investigation remains open.