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Northeast Ohio Man Executed For 1997 Murder

Ohio has executed a condemned killer who said he was innocent of stabbing a woman 138 times, slitting her throat and cutting off her hands. Lucasville prison warden Donald Morgan on Tuesday announced Brett Hartman's time of death as 10:34 a.m. His last words were, "I'm good, let's roll." Hartman was sentenced to die for the Sept. 9, 1997 killing of 46-year-old Winda Snipes in Akron. The 38-year-old Hartman acknowledged he had sex with Snipes early that day, then went back to her apartment where he said he found her body, but always denied killing her. Numerous courts rejected his claim and the Ohio Parole Board three times denied him clemency, citing the "overwhelming evidence" of his guilt. Hartman's attorneys say no court ever heard the full story of Hartman's troubled childhood.