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Ohio Senate Race: Millions Spent, No Change

Ohio voters kept their democratic senator. Incumbent Sherrod Brown won a new six year term after beating back a challenge from Republican Josh Mandel. At the downtown Columbus Hilton Sherrod Brown struggled for his voice after turning back challenger Mandel. "Today in Ohio, in the middle of America the middle class won." Says Brown. Brown parlayed his support for the bail-out of GM and Chrysler and some anti China campaign rhetoric into a five point victory. He withstood 50-thousand attack ads from what he called "secretive, out of state forces" to gain victory. Republican Mandel sought to turn Brown's three decades in public office against the incumbent. The Iraq War veteran told supporters "This was a David and Goliath type fight." But,Mandel delivered a short, low-key concession about mid-evening. "I'm proud of the effort we put forth. And I think we put forth everything we could in sweat, honor and integrity." Said Mandel. With Brown's win Ohio keeps the status quo in its congressional delegation. A democratic senator, a republican senator and a republican majority house delegation.