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President Touts Jobs In Hilliard

President Barack Obama covered a lot of political ground at a rally in Hilliard. And just days before the election, the president was able to energize a crowd of 2,800 people by telling them why they can trust him for four more years. Mr. Obama took the opportunity to lambast his Republican challenger Mitt Romney on a recent political ad that claims Jeep would be expanding business to China. Political fact-checkers have deemed the ad misleading. “You don’t scare hard-working Americans to scare up some votes. That’s not what being president is about," Mr. Obama. Heavy in auto-manufacturing, it was expected the president would mention the auto bailout in Ohio, as well as its unpopularity by Governor Romney. “It paid off in Toledo where Chrysler is adding more than a 1,000 new jobs on a second shift," the president said. "Not in China, right here in Ohio. Right here in the United States of America.â€? The president also took advantage of the new job figures. Mr. Obama touted the 171,000 jobs created in October which surpassed analysts’ predictions. The new figure would seem to give credit to the president’s reprised remarks that the economy is recovering, although the overall unemployment rate ticked up one-tenth of a percent. Mr. Obama said a way to continue to strengthen the economy is to make it easier for young people to afford college. And in an effort to energize college-age voters and their parents, Mr. Obama referenced a remark made by Romney about how college students could help pay for tuition. “Don’t tell me that students who can’t afford college should just borrow more money from their parents," Mr. Obama said. "That wasn’t an option for me; wasn’t an option for a lot of you. That’s why I want to cut the growth of tuition in half over the next ten years.â€? Mr. Obama urged supporters to get out the vote during the next few days, and he reminded them who they should trust to lead. As the president paused to describe his opponent, some in the crowd filled in the blank. “Do you want a president who’s going to actually tell you what he believes and thinks or who’s going to [LIE!], who’s going to [LIE! LIE!], change the facts.â€? After the president’s remarks, he greeted supporters. Brenda MacBeth, who voted early, said she and her friends are convinced Mr. Obama will be re-elected. “We’re all positive. Stay positive. He’ll make it.â€? Life-long Republican David Pennington, of Hilliard, also said he thinks Mr. Obama will see four more years in office. “The Republican Party has gotten off track since [Ronald] Reagan left office. And they’ve, I just think Barack Obama is the guy for the job now.â€? Jan Hauenstein, of Clintonville, said she felt the mood of the rally was positive. Hauenstein said she thinks the president's recent leadership and quick response to Hurricane Sandy could give Mr. Obama the push he needs to get re-elected. "I think that after the disaster of [Hurricane] Sandy, and undecided voters really hearing how they're working together, it's not just Democrats and Republicans. I think that's going to have a lot of people take up and notice." The president is set to be back in Ohio on Monday.