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Franklin County Board Of Elections: 'We Got It Right'

An Ohio voter rights group is calling on elections officials to double check voter registration rolls. The group claims hundreds registered voters have had their absentee ballot requests rejected. The group says some of those erroneous rejections happened in Franklin County. The group Northeast Ohio Voter Advocates says as many as 38 percent of rejected absentee ballots requests in Franklin County could have come from registered voters. But County Board of Elections spokesman Ben Piscitelli said that’s not possible. “We’ve thoroughly checked all of our records by name, address, date of birth, driver’s license number, social security number, and considering all of that, and this wealth of information we have, the cross checks we do, we’re confident we got it right," Piscitelli said. Norman Robbins, who speaks for Northeast Ohio Voter Advocates, worries about the overall impact any errors could have in a tight election. Robbins wants all counties to uniformly check absentee and provisional ballots. “So that we, Ohio, can make the claim that we’ve done everything possible so that when we say someone is not registered they really are not registered," he said. Piscitelli said most recently the board of elections reviewed about 3,500 absentee ballot requests. A large portion of those – about 3,000 – were rejected. But Piscitelli said that’s because most of those requests came in after the deadline. Piscitelli said the board of elections stands by its methods for securing voter accuracy. According to board of elections’ stats Thursday afternoon, 99 percent of returned absentee ballots in Franklin County were processed as “good.â€? Cuyahoga County recently caught a glitch that was rejecting voter registrations because of outdated information from motor vehicle registrations. But Piscitelli said no Franklin County voters have been disenfranchised because of the glitch. “Some of the information came of the state and the bureau of motor vehicles, yeah, we would have liked it to have been here sooner. But we got it done and it’s accurate," Piscitelli said. Officials expect about a third of Franklin County voters to cast early ballots in-person or by mail.