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Ohio Volunteers Help Hurricane Victims

Volunteers from across Ohio are helping with Hurricane Sandy rescue and recovery efforts on the east coast. Ohio Task Force One volunteers know they’re going somewhere east, but exactly where they’ll end up has yet to be decided. “A lot of times they’re still getting things sorted out while we’re on the road," spokesman Dan Kochensparger said. Kochensparger said the federally-funded group had a four-hour window to coordinate the efforts and get the 80 volunteers on the road. The group specializes in finding and extricating disaster victims. “We’ll probably end up doing a lot of searching of residential areas as opposed to commercial," he said. Already helping hurricane victims are Ohio Red Cross volunteers. Thirteen volunteers from central and southeast Ohio are working at shelters in New Jersey and Maryland. But spokeswoman Lynn Cook expects more volunteers to deploy and efforts to shift as the storm and recovery move forward. “We’ll start to transition our response from emergency sheltering to getting out and working with communities as they start to clean out.â€? Both organizations anticipate recovery efforts to be extensive. Red Cross volunteers generally are in the field three weeks, while Task Force members are on 10-day shifts.