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GOP Refuses To Pull "Sympathizes With Rapists" Ad

The Ohio Bar Association says a state Supreme Court justice must demand the state GOP pull a controversial ad from the airwaves. But Republicans say that ad isn’t going anywhere. The ad from the Ohio Republican Party supports Justice Robert Cupp and takes sharp aim at his opponent, Democrat Bill O’Neill. “When crime occurs, victims deserve justice. But as a judge, Bill O’Neil expressed sympathy for rapists," a woman says in the ad. The spot targets a 12-year-old ruling that reversed a rape conviction and sent the case back for retrial. Cupp wasn’t involved with the ad, but a letter from bar association chair Maxine Thomas says Cupp has to go beyond distancing himself and demand it be pulled. Cupp’s campaign didn’t respond to requests for comment, but state GOP spokesman Matthew Henderson says the ad will stay on the air. “This is something that we’re running ourselves. This is something that’s not affiliated with the campaign," Henderson says. Ohio Democrats called the spot a new low, and a bar association committee has voted to review the ad.