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Brown, Mandel Trade Barbs In Final Debate

Last night’s third and final debate in Ohio’s contested U.S. Senate race once again featured insults and claims of dereliction of duty. Take this exchange on passing a balanced budget starting with Brown: "The talking points that Josh has are 'didn't pass a budget, didn't pass a budget.' But the facts are we passed a budget control act, which has the force of law, which cut $2 trillion in spending and is making a difference in getting our budget under control." "Do you have a budget control act around your kitchen table, or a budget control act in your small business?" Mandel responded. "No, that's ridiculous. It's Washington speak. We have budgets, we manage our households with a budget, we manage our small businesses with a budget. But unfortunately in Washington, these politicians think they can live by a different set of rules than us." The two also debated Social Security, Medicare, the auto and bank bailouts, the federal tax code and abortion. On that issue Mandel said he’s against all abortions except if the mother’s life is at risk. He also accused Brown of having extremist views on the issue and supporting abortions in the ninth month of pregnancy. Brown responded with incredulity on that point then said he trusts Ohio women to make their own health decisions.