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VP Candidates Stump "Enemy Territory" In Ohio

Both vice presidential candidates were once again in Ohio on Wednesday, this time in areas usually dominated by the opposite party. Vice President Jo Biden campaigned for President Obama in Marion County, which voted for Republican John McCain in 2008. Biden portrayed Republican challenger Mitt Romney as a rich man who doesn’t understand average middle-class people. The Vice president charged that Romney’s proposal for a continued federal income tax cut would be a bonanza for the wealthy.

Of that additional $1 trillion in tax cuts, $500,000,000 goes to 120,000 families.

"The math is the little guys gets crushed and the big guy gets the break," Biden shouted while pounding on the podium. Click here for a longer reporter from Ohio Public Radio's Bill Cohen. Meanwhile Mitt Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, spoke to hundreds of supporters in the Democratic stronghold of Cleveland. The Wisconsin Congressman’s “Civil Society Speechâ€?, had a formal, largely academic tone. But Ryan scored a standing ovation when he brought up the Affordable Care Act’s mandate for contraceptive coverage without co-payments...which he says is an affront to religious organizations, including Catholic hospitals and clinics. “This mandate isn’t just a threat to religious charities," Ryan said.

It’s a threat to all those who turn to them in times of need. In the name of strengthening our safety net, this mandate and others will weaken it. The good news? When Mitt Romney is president, this mandate will be gone.

The Obama Administration has said religiously-affiliated organizations like Catholic schools, clinics, and hospitals are exempt, but their insurance providers must still provide coverage at no further cost. As for religious groups that self-insure, the White House says it will work out an accommodation. Click here to hear why Paul Ryan thinks Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to lead the country's economic recovery.