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Franklin County Prepares For "Day Long" Early Voting Lines

The Franklin County Board of Elections for a special meeting Monday as Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted awaits a U.S. Supreme Court decision on early in-person voting the last three days before Election Day. There was no formal recommendation or vote, but the Franklin County Board of Elections told its leadership to get ready for day-long early in-person voting on the Saturday before the election. Republican board chair Doug Preisse says that will allow election workers to match early voters with precinct lists on election day. "Most people still vote on Election Day," Preisse says. "We've got to get that right, the eyes of the country are on us. There are 475-some polling places, nearly 3,000 machines out there." Democratic board member Zachary Manifold was disappointed the board could not agree on early voting hours up to the day before the general election. "Unfortunately we couldn't get an agreement on Sunday or Monday. I think at least from a democrat perspective, we agreed that in 2008 we had Sunday and Monday voting," Manifold says. The board of elections will send its compromise to Secretary of State Jon Husted. Husted wants local board input so he can set uniform hours for the three days in case his appeal is denied or the Supreme Court decides not to take the case.