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3 of 4 Ohio Clinics Warned About Meningitis Say No Symptoms Yet

Many Ohioans who've visited four pain clinics remain on edge after the state Department of Health warned out possible exposure to meningitis as part of the nationwide outbreak linked to a Massachusetts-based drug manufacturer. But none of the clinics report patients with symptoms. The state Department of Health says one elderly Ohio man was sickened after receiving the shot that's been linked to at least nine deaths and sickened more than 100 in nine states. The Marion Pain Clinic declined comment, but employees at Marion's BKC Pain Specialists, Cincinnati Pain Management, and the Ortho-Spine Rehab Center in Dublin say no patients have come forward. Nancy Childers says her Dublin office is sending letters to all of its patients. "Just to make them feel secure because the particular contaminated medication is only used for certain procedures," Childers says. Anyone who received a steroid shot at the four Ohio clinics is being urged to contact the state Department of Health. All drugs manufactured by Massachusetts-based New England Compounding have been recalled.