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Sex Offenses Up On OSU Campus; Burglary Down

The Ohio State University released its annual security report Friday afternoon. WOSU reports while some campus crime is down, other more serious offenses increased. According to OSU Public Safety, burglary on campus saw the most significant decline of all crimes last year when only 22 incidents were reported compared to 147 in 2010 and 178 in 2009. No aggravated assaults were reported on campus last year compared to five in 2010. And arson incidents have declined each year since 2009 from 10 incidents to six. Other crimes such as motor vehicle theft and robbery also saw slight decreases. The big jump among the crimes was forcible sex offenses. In 2011, 28 incidents were reported on campus compared to 12 the previous year. But that was a decline from 2009 when the number was higher at 21 forcible sex offenses. It’s unknown if the dramatic changes in sex offenses and burglary are due to changes in reporting. After releasing the numbers Friday afternoon, WOSU was unable to reach anyone in the department of public safety for comment.