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Early Voting Moves To Morse Road

Early in-person voting beings Tuesday. And this year, the Franklin County Board of Elections thinks its choice for the early polling place will be easier on voters compared to the 2008 presidential election. On Monday, 100 electronic voting machines will be set up where people once purchased homecoming dresses and ties for dad for Father’s Day. The old Kohl’s department store on Morse Road across the street from Taco Bell and Mernard’s will serve as this presidential election’s early in-person polling location. Franklin County Board of Elections spokesman Ben Piscitelli said this year’s location is better than Vets’ Memorial in 2008 where long lines sometimes snaked around the Downtown building. “The facility here is so large that people should not have to wait outside if we have long lines," he said. In 2008, voters waited for hours to cast a ballot. This year, Piscitelli said it should not take as long. “We do have more processing stations, about twice as many as we had back then so that should move the line along a little quicker," he said. While the Ohio Supreme Court has yet to decide whether to allow early in-person voting the last three days before the election, Todd Wedekind, who oversees the county’s absentee voting, said that unknown should not present any logistical issues. “We’ll be here. We have the facility," Wedekind said. "We have everything in place to do that. We just need to know one way or another. And if that decision comes one week before we’ll be ready for it.â€? The Morse Road location is the only place in Franklin County to vote early in person, although completed absentee ballots can be turned in at the Franklin County Board of Elections.