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Police Make Arrest In Hilltop Creeper Case

Columbus Police have arrested the man they believe is the so-called Hilltop Creeper. 32-year-old Deneen Black is charged with one count of burglary but police say he faces additional charges. 19 incidents have been attributed to the Hilltop Creeper. Deneen Black is alleged to have entered the houses of women in the early morning hours and watching or touching them as they slept. That put women in the area on edge. One woman said she carried a knife at all times; another said she stayed awake most of the night. “We saw that Mr. Black did indeed exhibit behavior that we were attributing to the actions of the Hilltop Creeper,â€? says Columbus police sergeant David Pelphrey. At a press conference, Pelphrey provided few specifics about the investigation except to say that Black was put under surveillance. Pelphrey says Black was observed by investigators during the early morning hours. “Mr. Black was located in between houses and in the alleys kind of creeping around,â€? says Pelphrey. Sgt. Pelphrey says Black gave police sufficient information to connect him to the crimes. “Mr. Black came to police headquarters; he elected to cooperate with the detectives and Mr. Black provided us with information that leads us to believe that Mr. Black is responsible for the majority of, if not all, the incidents that we attributed to the Hilltop Creeper,â€? Pelphrey says. At present Black faces one count of burglary but police say additional charges will follow.