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Former Superintendent Of Ohio Schools Will Not Face Charges

The disgraced former superintendent of Ohio schools will not face criminal charges in the scandal that pushed him out of office. Stan Heffner resigned last month after State Inspector General Randall Meyer said Heffner inappropriately testified before a state Senate committee on behalf of a bill that could directly benefit a company that Heffner had already agreed to work for. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien says Heffner acted "inappropriately," but not criminally. O’Brien says Heffner didn’t disclose the apparent conflict to legislators, but it wasn’t exactly a secret. “It was known to multiple people that he’d had the discussions with the potential employer. In fact I think he’d given notice to the fact," O'Brien says. Click the play button above to hear an extended conversation with Prosecutor Ron O'Brien. Heffner also caught criticism for allegedly having state employees conduct his personal business. O’Brien says there wasn’t enough evidence to merit charges. Heffner said Monday he never committed a crime and he's pleased that prosecutors agreed with him.       Heffner, of suburban Columbus, says he's enjoying retirement and deciding what comes next, but says it won't involve education.