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National Voter Advocate Fears Limits Placed on Voting

The head of a national voter advocacy group says this fall's election may be one of the most important in our lifetime. Elisabeth MacNamara of the National League of Women voters says hanging in the balance of this year's elections...is how the country creates jobs....delivers health care...sustain the environment and provide a quality education for the nation's children. MacNamara says the League is also concerned about efforts in Ohio and other states to restrict voting hours and require more identification. "The League has been very active in both the Statehouse and the Courthouse trying to make sure that our elections are free, fair and accessible to every single voter. that no politician is able to manipulate the election law for their own purpose," she said. National Director of the League of Women Voters, Elisabeth MacNamara will meet with other voter advocated in Columbus on Friday.

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To hear a longer interview with Elisabeth MacNamara click on the podcast above.