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Husted Sued By Democrats Removed From Elections Board

The two Democrats recently fired from the Montgomery County Boar d of Elections are suing Secretary of State Jon Husted. In the complaint filed Monday in Dayton federal court, Thomas Ritchie and Dennis Lieberman claim Jon Husted violated their constitutional rights by removing them from the elections board. It goes on to say "Husted fired us and then dared other election board members to try and stand up for the voters in their community." Ritchie and Lieberman were removed from their positions after violating a directive from Husted and voting to permit weekend early voting. Husted had ordered uniform early voting hours statewide that did NOT include any weekend voting. Those restrictions have since eased after a federal judge ordered Husted to allow early voting on the weekend before election. The suit means Husted is now facing lawsuits or appeals on at least five different issues related to the fall election. His office did not respond to requests for comment.