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Ohio Jobless Numbers Still Falter According To Policy Matters Ohio

On this Labor Day, Ohio’s unemployment rate is at a three year low. But a progressive leaning think tank also notes just over 64 percent of Ohioans are in the workforce – the lowest point since 1985 – and the median wage in Ohio has been falling for the past two years. Amy Hanauer with Policy Matters Ohio says while there are bright spots in Ohio’s economy, the recovery is unbalanced. "Men's labor force participation is at an all-time low and that's really problematic and we still do have a gender wage gap in Ohio and a racial wage gap. The racial gap is growing and it's as wide as its ever been since we've been measuring this since 1979." Hanauer says her study shows more than 44 percent of those who are jobless have been without work for more than six months, which is an all time high. And her report says with the way jobs are growing in Ohio, it will take two more years for the state to reach the level of employment it had before the recession.