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GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Greets OSU Crowd

Saturday’s Ohio State game was unusual in many ways. The first home game of the season was crowded with students for the first time, since Ohio State is now on a semester schedule. Ohio State was playing another Ohio team – Miami University. And the Republican Vice Presidential candidate was in the crowd. Congressman Paul Ryan is a graduate of Miami of Ohio, and he met up with some fraternity brothers for a burger and a game of cornhole at the OSU game. Ryan showed up in a red shirt with no logo. Scott Friedman was one of Ryan’s Delta Tau Delta fraternity brothers. "From the minute I met him in college I knew he was going to be in politics and be successful." Tailgaters took the increased security, police presence and press attention that came with Ryan’s visit in stride. One fan said Ryan’s connections to Ohio – a key swing state – make him “perfectâ€?. Another fan noted that Ryan is from Wisconsin, and said while the Ohio State-Wisconsin game comes on November 17, the real battle will be a week and a half earlier – on election day. Ryan left Columbus for a rally in Jacksonville, Florida Saturday afternoon, alongside presidential contender Mitt Romney.