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Biden Returns To Columbus, Romney Stumps In Northern Ohio

Presidential politics return to Columbus today. Vice President Joe Biden is schedule to speak at the Plumber & Pipefitters Local union office in Columbus after visiting an undisclosed manufacturing plant to highlight the administration's support for the auto industry and the increase in Ohio manufacturing jobs. At a rally in Bowling Green yesterday, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney told supporter President Obama cares more about his own job than about finding jobs for unemployed Americans. A fiery Romney told supporters that the president hasn't met with his jobs council in more than six months. But in that time, Romney says the Democrat has held 100 fundraisers. The fresh attack comes as Democrats and a growing number of Republicans push Romney to release his income tax returns. The presidential contender has promised to release two years of returns by Election Day. That breaks a tradition started by Romney's father, who released 12 years of tax papers. Obama spokesman Jay Carney says the public deserves transparency. He's joined by Republicans such as Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe.