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Ohio Elections Chief Requests Homeland Security Database

Ohio is one of twelve states that has been granted access to a federal immigration database. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says the Department of Homeland Security's database will be used by his office as a voter verification tool. "We are not checking the entire voter database against Homeland Security. It's only when we have a circumstance where a question is brought to us and we need to be able to answer it." Husted's request for the federal database comes as all 88 Ohio county boards of election are preparing new lists of registered voters with current mailing addresses. The lists will be used by Husted's office to mail absentee ballot applications for this year's general election. The Department of Homeland Security first notified officials in Ohio and twelve other states last week that they could check whether registered voters are actually non-citizens ineligible to cast a ballot. But, Husted says Ohio will use the database in rare cases to check an address when a status question is raised.