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Goodale Park Fountain Vandalized

There was just too much good news for the Goodale Park pond and fountain. Just a week after it looked like the months-long fiasco over leaks in the pond had been plugged, the new fountain has been vandalized. Spray painted in red on the west side of the wedding cake-style fountain are the words “marriage is for people who never forget.â€? It was signed “Scottsdale Yonkler.â€? “I really think this is somebody being very selfish and immature," Jason Kentner said. Kenter heads the Friends of Goodale Park. He said group members had a meeting in the park last night and there wasn’t any graffiti. The vandalism comes a week after it appeared there was cause for celebration. The pond that had been filled three times because of a leak after the fountain’s installation appeared to be fixed. “I think of all things this is the most frustrating moment of it because this is someone’s act of malice. It just doesn’t really make any sense," Kenter said. Unsure what the graffiti might mean, Kenter said "I'll try to poke around on-line and see if anyone if taking ownership of that. It's nonsensical, and doesn't read like a person's name of anything like that." Kentner said he filed a police report, and the Friends board is working to remove the spray paint quickly.